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Decoding super-dimensional (“X-dimensional”) human information and biology facilitates the understanding of the mechanisms underlying homeostasis and disease processes. It also leads to designing effective and efficient strategies for the disease prevention and treatment. Recently, several important discoveries are emerging from this “X-field”: the principle mechanisms governing such complex human biology, mathematical and machine learning methods integrating and decoding the complex human informatics, and also methods quantitatively measuring the complex human informatics. This symposium, entitled “Human InformatiX: X-Dimensional Human Informatics and Biology”, covers these hot topics and provides an interdisciplinary forum for the scientists from the broad disciplines including, but not limited to, biology, medicine, mathematics, data science, computational science, bioinformatics and biomedical engineering, to present and discuss their cutting-edge discoveries. The symposium is jointly held by Virtual Human InformatiX Clinics (V-iCliniX) Project (NAKATANI FOUNDATION) and ERATO “Sato Live Bio-Forecasting Project” (JST). The invited speakers include internationally recognized top-notch scientists across the globe delivering keynote addresses.
We welcome participation from broad and diverse areas of scientific and medical disciplines and invite you to join us in Kyoto, a place where traditional Japanese cultural elegance and modern scientific technology meet and mingle. We look forward to seeing you in February, 2020!

Thomas N. Sato, Ph.D., Director, The Thomas N. Sato BioMEC-X Laboratories, ATR
The Chair of the Organizing Committee


“Systems Human Biology and Medicine”

Thomas N Sato, Ph.D.

Director, Grant Program for Biomedical Engineering Research (Nakatani Foundation) 
Director, ERATO Sato Live Bio-Forecasting Project (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Professor, Virtual Human InformatiX Clinic (V-iCliniX), Nara Medical University

Personal introduction:
Tom is an established scientist whose scientific achievement is most well-known in the field of cardiovascular development and function.He made a seminal-discovery of vascular endothelial-specific receptors, Tie1 and Tie2. In a series of collaborations with Regeneron scientists, he uncovered physiological functions of angiopoietins, ligands for Tie2. Most recently, he is studying inter-organ communications at the systems and organismal levels.He is also an accomplished triathlete at the Ironman distance.

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